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7-day forecasts - NWP model results

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There are many various types of  WEAHTER FORECAST; short- term, mid- term, long- term; subjective and objective. They are available on many different web pages but they are also of different qualities.

DHMZ web pages give you possibility of everyday weather "tracking", not only of those subjective forecasts given by meteorologists for today and tomorrow for Croatia (esp. Zagreb and the Adriatic), but also of those objective computer made 7- days weather forecasts for Croatian cities and worldwide.

Subjective weather forecasts are written every day by our meteorologists, whose knowledge is based not only on prognostic material but also on their experience. They are the ones to decide on various weather symbols to be put on different locations, on certain days.

Computer weather forecast is a direct result of a prognostic model. Weather symbols are specified from the forecast of cloudiness, type and amount of precipitation on a certain day. If snow or rain symbol appears it doesnīt mean that it will rain or snow all day long, only a part of it. Mean cloudiness and precipitation is calculated from four successive prognostic 6- hour terms (6, 12, 18 and 00 UTC). Maximum and minimum temperatures are also direct model output, with no corrections from meteorologists. Up- to- date analysis of weather forecast achievements showed that the model temperature differs form its real value more than the official value given by meteorologists (which has its reasons). Therefore those 7- days forecasts can be taken only as time trend, ie. as the indicator for days when colder or warmer  weather than the average is expected, as well as extreme precipitation. Also one mustn't forget that the longer the time period, the less accurate the weather forecast.

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